Virtual Forum


Welcome to the first Virtual Public Forum for the Old McHenry Road Crossings Project! We invite you to provide input on the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) project to improve the Old McHenry Crossings project area.

Instructions: The virtual format allows communities to visit project stations where you can learn about the project and share your feedback. The forum is organized into the following four stations. We recommend starting with Station 1 so you can learn more about the project. Continue scrolling to get started or click on the station icons below.

Station 1 · Get Informed

Learn More About the Project

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is studying potential improvements to the areas surrounding the Old McHenry Road and Canadian National (CN) Railroad Crossing and along Quentin Road. Four highly traveled regional highways converging to this area, frequent trains and three closely spaced intersections along Old McHenry Road have led to high traffic volumes and delays. Approximately 25,000 vehicles pass through the corridor each day and nearly 370 crashes have occurred in this area over the last five years. For these reasons, this corridor has been identified in the Lake County 2040 Transportation Plan, which recommends improvements necessary to address the future transportation needs of Lake County.

LCDOT seeks to improve safety, traffic operations and connectivity for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians within and surrounding the Old McHenry Road and CN Railroad area and along Quentin Road. The project will evaluate the feasibility of constructing a new grade separation at the CN Railroad tracks, meaning motorists would not have to sit and wait for the nearly 20 trains that pass through each day.

The project study area generally includes:

  • Old McHenry Road, Abbey Glenn Drive to Bonnie Lane
  • Quentin Road, IL Route 22 to Old McHenry Road
  • Midlothian Road, north and south of the Old McHenry Road intersection
  • Fairfield Road, north of the Old McHenry Road intersection
  • Echo Lake Road, south of the Old McHenry Road intersection

At this time, we are inviting the public to provide their input on potential improvements and to address any questions and concerns they may have.

Click on the video below to learn more about the project.

Station 2 · Share Your Input on a Map

The interactive mapping tool is provided for your comments.

The interactive mapping tool is provided to collect and display your comments. Tell us about what challenges you see and what types of improvements should be considered throughout the Old McHenry Crossings area. The map legend includes the following categories: Accident/Safety; Bikes/Pedestrians; Flooding; Environmental; Traffic; and Idea or Suggestion. To interact with the map, select a category, drag and drop the icon onto the location you would like to comment on, and enter your comment. You may upload a photo or image to help explain your comment. Also, you may click on the ‘activity’ tab to view and respond to other comments from members of the community.

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You May Also Share General Comments Via The Form Below

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Station 3 · Volunteer to be a Project Stakeholder

The project team needs volunteers to assist with project planning.

Public outreach is important to this project and seeks to engage community members for their insights throughout the project. A stakeholder is defined as anyone who could be affected by the project and has a stake in its outcome. The project team has begun outreach efforts to identify potential stakeholders. LCDOT anticipates a collaborative public involvement plan that works with the communities to develop, construct, and maintain the Old McHenry Crossings Project. There are multiple ways to get involved including:

  • Volunteer to be a member of the Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG). Volunteer in Station 3 below.
  • Volunteer to participate in Focus Group Meetings. Volunteer in Station 3 below.
  • Visit the Project Website. Here you can follow the project, view documents, learn about upcoming meetings and events, interact with the input map, read what others are saying, and provide your comments. Enter your email to become a subscriber and receive notifications to your email. Sign up in Station 4 below.
  • Sign up to receive project flyers and information via regular mail. Sign up in Station 4 below.
  • Attend Public Meetings, Virtual Forums, and Public Hearing at milestones throughout project.

About the Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG)

LCDOT will be enlisting the input of the Old McHenry Crossings Phase I Study Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) to assist with the project. The SIG will provide input, including defining project issues, discussing potential solutions with the project team, and reviewing alternatives developed by the project team. The SIG should consist of local community leaders and stakeholders with expertise or technical interest in environmental, land use, transportation, and economic development issues related to this project.

The input gathered from the SIG will help the project team throughout the project development process. SIG meetings will be conducted at certain project milestone points to gather input on the project issues and needs, purpose and need, range of alternatives, and the preferred alternative. It is anticipated there will be approximately five of these meetings throughout the project development process. For all upcoming meetings, COVID-19 protocols will be maintained. Meetings will likely be conducted in a virtual setting. LCDOT may limit SIG membership to one or two members from similar interests/entities to ensure representation from the community with an effective group size.

About Focus Group Meetings

In addition to the SIG described above, the project team will be periodically meeting with other project stakeholders on a more limited basis to understand key issues and concerns about specific topics or locations within the study area. Stakeholders may be called upon to attend 1-2 Focus Group Meetings to provide their input at key milestones during the project. For all upcoming meetings, COVID-19 protocols will be maintained. Meetings will likely be conducted in a virtual setting.

Volunteer to Participate!

If you wish to volunteer for either the SIG or Stakeholder Interviews / Focus Group Meetings, please enter your information into the form linked below. If you do not wish to volunteer, please proceed to Station 4.

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Station 4 · Stay Informed

Thank you for participating in the Virtual Public Forum!

We want you to stay informed as this project progresses in the coming years. Please consider signing up to receive information about project milestones and upcoming meetings. If you wish to sign up for our Old McHenry Crossings Project Email List, please enter your email address in the “SUBSCRIBE” box located at the bottom of this page or on the right-hand menu!

Hard copies of project information will be made available at Hawthorn Woods Village Hall and Lake Zurich Village Hall.