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Welcome to the Project Website for Old McHenry Crossings!

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is studying potential improvements to the areas surrounding the Old McHenry Road and Canadian National (CN) Railroad Crossing and along Quentin Road. Four highly traveled regional highways converging to this area, frequent trains and three closely spaced intersections along Old McHenry Road have led to high traffic volumes and delays. Approximately 25,000 vehicles pass through the corridor each day and nearly 370 crashes have occurred in this area over the last five years. For these reasons, this corridor has been identified in the Lake County 2040 Transportation Plan, which recommends improvements necessary to address the future transportation needs of Lake County.

LCDOT seeks to improve safety, traffic operations and connectivity for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians within and surrounding the Old McHenry Road and CN Railroad area and along Quentin Road. The project will evaluate the feasibility of constructing a new grade separation at the CN Railroad tracks, meaning motorists will not have to sit and wait for the nearly 20 trains that pass through each day.

Please see this 2-minute video that describes the Old McHenry Crossings Project.

The project study area generally includes:

  • Old McHenry Road, Abbey Glenn Drive to Bonnie Lane
  • Quentin Road, IL Route 22 to Old McHenry Road
  • Midlothian Road, north and south of the Old McHenry Road intersection
  • Fairfield Road, north of the Old McHenry Road intersection
  • Echo Lake Road, south of the Old McHenry Road intersection

The project is in the Villages of Hawthorn Woods, Lake Zurich, Kildeer, and in unincorporated Ela Township. The project area bypasses neighborhoods, including the Forest Lake Community Association. Please refer to the map above for more information; click here to take a virtual tour via site photos.

Project Timeline

This project will span multiple years of planning, coordination, and design before construction will begin. Phase I Study preliminary engineering and environmental studies to develop a preferred alternative will be completed in 2023. Phase II design engineering and land acquisition will begin in 2023 and continue until 2025. Phase III Construction is currently scheduled to begin in 2025.

  • Phase 1

    Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Studies
    2021 – 2023

  • Phase 2

    Design Engineering and Land Acquisition
    2023 – 2025

  • Phase 3


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