Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this project necessary?

The primary objective of this project is to improve safety, traffic operations and connectivity for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians within and surrounding the Old McHenry Road and Canadian National (CN) Railroad Crossing and along Quentin Road. The project will take a close look at safety and capacity improvements throughout the study area. Among the improvements, the project will evaluate the feasibility for a new grade separation for the CN Railroad at Old McHenry Road.

What kinds of improvements can we expect to see?

Phase I engineering is just now getting started and plans are not yet developed. The types of improvements that may be considered include a grade separation at Old McHenry Road and the CN Railroad Crossing, intersection improvements, additional through lanes, sidewalk and trail connections, improved crosswalks, and improvements to traffic signals.

When can I expect to see construction and what is the timeline?

Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2025 but is subject to change based on availability of funding.

Please view the timeline for more information.

How is this project funded?

The Phase I engineering is currently underway and is funded through REBUILD Illinois grant funding. LCDOT has received a commitment for $12 million in Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) funding for construction in 2025. At this time, subsequent engineering and construction costs are not yet funded. As the Phase I engineering study progresses, LCDOT anticipates applying for federal grants and Surface Transportation Program (STP) funding to support future phases of engineering and construction.

What are the project limits?

The study area generally includes the following:

  • Old McHenry Road, Abbey Glenn Drive to Bonnie Lane
  • Quentin Road, IL Route 22 to Old McHenry Road
  • IL-22, east and west of the Quentin Road intersection
  • Midlothian Road, north and south of the Old McHenry Road intersection
  • Fairfield Road, north of the Old McHenry Road intersection
  • Echo Lake Road, south of the Old McHenry Road intersection

Please view the map for more information on the study area:

How can I get involved and receive project updates?

Community input is welcome throughout the planning process. Feedback can be provided on the website, during public meetings, activities, and events. Please subscribe to the website to receive project updates and to participate in upcoming activities. You can also visit the Interactive Comment Map to submit feedback 24/7.

For additional information and questions please contact:

Chuck Gleason, Project Manager
Lake County Division of Transportation
Phone:(847) 377-7447

Are special provisions in place due to COVID-19?

LCDOT and the project team are taking careful steps to provide options and tools for communities to engage in the ways they feel most comfortable. The website will provide online feedback tools. Public events and activities will be available for virtual / remote participation. Face to face interactions will maintain social distancing.